Complete Custom Builds

Our true passion is a complete custom build that will help you achieve your goals. Get it done right the first time!

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Exterior Modifications

From wheels and tires to suspension upgrades to body armor and modifications... Atlas will only use the highest quality parts that will last and perform.

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Interior and Performance

Need a little more comfort or safety inside. How about more power to run those 35s or 40s. Atlas will make you stronger and safer with our custom upgrades.

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Who Is... Atlas Offroad Concepts

Atlas Offroad Concepts was founded out of frustration for finding a true local offroad builder who understands what really works and what doesn't work.

After becoming Jeepers a few years ago, we moved to Colorado for a year for our family. During that time we had the pleasure of meeting real offroad enthusiasts who truly use their vehicles on real offroad adventures. Because of that we were able to learn about what works on those Colorado trails and what doesn't.

We decided to move back to our Sarasota home and start Atlas Offroad Concepts to help others who want to have the highest quality modifications for their offroad vehicles. It doesn't matter if you want a "mall crawler" or a rock crawler, you should still have the highest quality, capable parts.

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Next Steps...

Send us an email with your goals and we will schedule a consultation to get you started!