Mary takes us through the Eagle Rock and Bull Park Trails above Colorado Springs off of Gold Camp Road. Gold Camp Road is very washboard so keep your tires aired down prior to and on the way home for a smoother ride. We picked up a bunch of trash on the ride... check out Mary's back seat...

Just a taste of some of the easier sections on the Eagle Rock Trail. This is a 13-16 mile one way trail that takes starts at Trail Head 93 on Gold Camp Road above Colorado Springs and takes you to on an awesome tour back to Gold Camp Road.

GPX Files below...

An easier section of Eagle Rock Trail in Colorado

Another section on Eagle Rock Trail above Colorado Springs

And more from the Eagle Rock Trail above Colorado Springs

Yes... more from Eagle Rock Trail near Colorado Springs

Part of the Bull Park Trail in Colorado

Worth the 3 mile drive... what a view from the top of Bull Park Trail in Colorado.

Colorado GPX Files