SteerSmarts Yeti XD Front End

With all of the extra weight from the wheels and tires and the preparation for heavier axles, we knew that we needed to drastically upgrade our steering system. We had installed a complete SteerSmarts Yeti XD on our 2010 JK (Remington) last year and we knew how it performed on the serious trails in Colorado. That was the way to go with Atlas!

Installation is pretty straight forward. The key is making sure that you get the measurements correct and the small details in line.

We installed the entire front end including:

Yeti XD Tie Rod Assembly
Yeti XD Draglink with Griffin XD Attenuator
Yeti XD Adjustable Track Bar
Yeti XD Track Bar Relocation Bracket
JL HD-N Steering Stabilizer
Yeti XD Flex Steering Stabilizer/Damper Bracket

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